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Airbrush Fake Tan – A Better One

22 Jul

When we heard the word fake, a negative response will accompany with this word but not in tanning technology. Airbrush Fake tan is a better replacement in natural tan provided by the sun because we won’t be risking our skin getting uneven tan, sunburn and much worst skin diseases provided by heat like skin cancer. Much more the airbrush fake tan provides you an even skin with a smoothness of natural tan and of course it won’t take much of your time and effort and with just a minute you already had a great smooth tan. Many of our women today especially models and celebrities with their hectic schedule prefer this process than the conventional way of getting tan from the sun. That is why many women are happy upon knowing this Airbrush Fake Tan process.


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Air Brush Spray Tan

06 Jul

Air Brush Spray Tan is the way to go. There are many people, especially women, who really want to have a great tan despite lying in the sun for long hours. Not to mention all the UV rays they are getting, and the heat that damages the skin and the back-aches you get from lying so long under the sun. With the air brush spray tan, you don’t have to worry any more because with this process it will produce a fake healthy glow without the harmful UVAs. You will get your glowing tan without the possibility of getting sunburn and damaging your skin. Also getting a tan in a blink of an eye is now possible.


Wear sunscreen and no tanning ( )

The Dangers of Tanning ( )

How can I tan safely? (


Airbrush Spray Tanning Advantages

21 Jun

Airbrush spray tanning has come a long way since the 1970′s and with all the health concerns of the sun’s UV Ray’s, this new sunless way of tanning has become very popular. There are so many celebrities jumping on this type of  tanning, including Dancing With The Stars celebs, that people are adding the air brush tanning as a regular part of their grooming. Whether you go to a salon and have a professional apply your tan, or you do it yourself in the convenience of your own home, airbrush tanning has so many advantages.

airbrush spray tanning

Airbrush Spray Tanning Advantages:

  • Need ONE session to get several shades darker
  • Flawless application, no orange mess, no streaking
  • Ease of application
  • 100% Natural Solution, No Alcohol, No Odor
  • Formula is adjusted to your skin type
  • Tan entire body
  • Even-out unwanted tan lines, blemishes, cellulite,  spider veins
  • Rich-golden tan, smooth silky skin
  • Looks and fades naturally
  • No UVA/UVB rays
  • Dermatologist Recommended, FDA APPROVED
  • People feel healthier, slimmer and more confident when tan
  • Great for special occasions and year round tanning

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Airbrush Tanning How To

14 Jun

Aerograph Super 63

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Airbrush tanning how to is similar to having your house spray painted. You have an airbrush applicator that is connected to an air compressor by a hose. A tanning solution, which contains DHA (dihydroxyacetone), is mixed with a bronzer to match the tan color you’d like your skin tone to be. This tan solution is sprayed on to your body evenly giving your skin a beautiful, natural bronze glow!

How dark your skin will tan depends upon the degree of DHA that is used in the solution. The tan usually lasts anywhere from 5 to 7 days and will eventually fade away over time. You can extend your tan by using moisturizers.


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12 Jun

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Air Brush Tanning

10 Jun

Spray Tan Pectoralis
Image by AdamCohn via Flickr

The popular sunless tanning today is called air brush tanning. Gone are the days of being a sun goddess. The ultraviolet (UV) rays are no longer a medical issue with sunless tanning, as well as a few of the side effects from too much sun, such as cancer, wrinkles and skin blemishes. You get the best of both worlds with a spray tan by getting a fine-looking golden tan without the health fears of outdoor sun tanning.

Airbrush tanning uses a time proven DHA formula to truly tan the skin a bronze color without harming the skin. The skin gradually darkens with DHA or dihydroxyacetone, which is a clear derivative of sugar cane, when it interacts with the amino acids on the dead surface cells found in the outmost layer of the skin. Coconut and cantaloupe are some of the natural extracts that might be included in the airbrush solutions, as well as several vitamins. These extract addtions yield the skin a glossy look and leaves it properly hydrated.

The tanning solution is airbrushed on with a fine mist uniformly over the body giving it a flawless look. To get rid of your tan lines or to even out your skin shade, the tanning solution is adjusted to your skin type. There are two types of applications, the handheld tanning airbrush being the first. There are sensitive areas of the body that the airbrush spray can be more spot on and thinned out a bit, such as the face and creased areas of the body like knees, elbows, neckline and wrists. The second type of airbrush application is a mechanized spray where you would remain motionless inside a booth and become sprayed all at once.

A benefit of acquiring a spray tan is that you can have a natural healthy glow year round. When sunless tanning first appeared on the market in the early 70′s it left your skin streaked orangish, and today the airbrush spray tans are so realistic looking. Having an airbrush tan applied by a trained professional will give you a nice even natural appearance. There are oodles of airbrush tanning systems or kits that you can acquire for home use, if you feel better about doing things yourself. With a bit of practice you too can study the skill and give your own natural airbrush tan.

To get superior results on your airbrush tan, it’s a good idea to take a shower and exfoliate using a satisfactory exfoliating lotion or soap. Using a sugar scrub or a salt scrub is the best. Deciding how well your spray tan turns out, can be subject on how well you exfoliated your body. As for the moisturizers or lotions, do not apply any of them until after you’ve had your airbrush tanning session. Keep in mind that you need to allow for a day lead time for a spray tan session if you have a planned affair.

After the air brush session the skin will continue to darken, so you’ll desire to shower after 10 hours and rinse off any of the solution that’s yet on the skins surface. After an airbrush tanning, the tan should last about 5 to 7 days and then naturally fade off. To stretch your tan for a longer period of time, make certain you use some type of hydrating daily moisturizer or tan extender application. Reasonable care is the main key for keeping your golden suntan even and to make it last longer. Airbrush tanning has become the latest wave to getting a glowing wholesome looking body all year round!

Air Brush Tanning

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29 May


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22 May


Airbrush Tanning Supplies at Your Fingertips

20 May

Airbrush Tanning Supplies at Your Fingertips

Once upon a time the only way to tan was to bask under the sun or an indoor tanning bed. For various reasons, including those relating to health concerns, many have decided to avoid exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays which are emitted by both the sun and tanning beds. Modern science has devised a solution for this dilemma. A wide variety of airbrush tanning supplies are now available to facilitate that perfect tan without the UV rays.

A tanning airbrush accomplishes its mission by spraying a fine mist of a solution most often containing the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is a safe substance assuming it is not ingested or inhaled. Two main methods of application are prevalent today. The first of these are spray tanning booths in which the customer stands and receives an automatic spray. The second are hand held tanning airbrushes. These airbrushes allow for more precise application preventing spray from entering the mouth or nose.

In addition to DHA, many airbrushes use formulations of spray including vitamins and other natural ingredients such as extracts of coconut and cantaloupe. These holistic additions serve to therapeutically address the drying effects of everyday life upon the skin. As opposed to the traditional tanning bed which can serve to increase skin dryness, use of an airbrush can produce the opposite results leaving the customer with silky smooth skin.

One clear advantage of spray tanning is the absence of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Health professionals advise against overexposure to the sun or to artificially produced UV rays. In the Victorian Age this would not present much of a problem, however in today’s world lack of any skin tone or color is often viewed as a sign of sickliness and is not an attractive option for many. Spray tanning allows for the best of both worlds. You can have a deep tan without incurring any associated health risks.

Equipment for airbrush tanning is sold to many different classes of users. There are basic kits for the home user. These most often include the spraying implement, tanning solution, protective gear including nose plugs and goggles, and detailed instructions often with a DVD video guide. These basic kits do not produce the optimum results obtained at a salon using professional grade airbrushes. However, they are an alternative for those unable to get to a salon. These kits are often advertised for under 0.

Salons and other professional providers would want to consider higher end supplies. These include a more powerful spray gun capable of faster application. The strength of the active ingredient is also much stronger, approaching 15% DHA as compared to the 5% typically found in most home kits. These kits should only be used by trained professionals and can cost up to 00.

Once you have researched your options and selected your kit the next step is to purchase it. Wholesale tanning supply stores are present in most major cities for those who like to touch and feel the product prior to purchase. For those not within range of a wholesaler, or for those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, there are many web sites providing comprehensive inventories of all ranges of airbrush related supplies.

No longer are you compelled to experience UV rays to achieve that year round tan. The advent of a wide array of airbrush tanning supplies allows everyone to appear fresh off the beach no matter where they live. Many stores exist with wide selections, and even more web sites are online offering anything required by even the most exacting professional.

Airbrush tanning supplies has become the new way to getting a glowing healthy tan. For more information, visit where you’ll find an abundance of information, including all you need to know about tanning lotions.

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Spray Tanning ? Spray Tanning Benefits and Preparation

19 May

Spray Tanning ? Spray Tanning Benefits and Preparation

Current fashion fever of tanning is in high demand. In United States and many other countries, tanning is becoming a great industries. But people should understand if get tan on a tanning bed or a sun tan have some negative effects to our skin. The UV effects of Sun Tan or tanning beds can cause a skin cancer. But now with spray tanning we can avoid all of those risks and still can get bronze look.

Spray Tanning Benefits
Spray tanning have many benefits and these are several benefits of spray tanning.

UV Free Tanning
Spray Tanning is a UV free way to get a tan. Spray on tanning is designed to give you a rich bronze look without the use of lamps or exposure to harmful UV rays which can damage skin and cause skin cancer.

Get Tan Everytime and Everywhere
Climate is not the problems anymore. If you live with cold climates when the sun does not break through the clouds very much at all, you still can get a bronze look tan whenever and wherever you want by simply get a spray tanning.

Easy to Use
Spray tanning is easy. You don’t need to go to a Spray Tanning Salons to get a spray tanning. You can apply it by yourself, it’s so simple.

Spray Tanning Preparation
Preparation before spray tanning is very important. It can effects to your tan results. These are some important tips to prepare your spray tanning.

Exfoliation, will make the layer very shallow and your tan will last longer. Choose exfoliators which is made for tanning industry, as they will not contain any oils or moisturizers.

Avoid deodorant & moisturizer before.
Many deodorants will stop spray tanning solution going through. Some others will turn the armpits green.

Wear loose clothing.
Remember if the tanning process need several hours until it dry. It is best to wear clothes and shoes as loose as possible, to make sure nothing rubs off.

Wax before spray tan.
If you want to wax then do it before you get spray tanning. Wax after getting a spray tan can take off some of your tan with the hair.

Now you know what to do before spray tanning. If you followed the instruction you will get bronze tan look that you want to. Don’t forget to ask and consults to doctors or other expert before get a spray tanning. Have a great tanning.

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