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Airbrush Tanning Supplies at Your Fingertips

20 May

Airbrush Tanning Supplies at Your Fingertips

Once upon a time the only way to tan was to bask under the sun or an indoor tanning bed. For various reasons, including those relating to health concerns, many have decided to avoid exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays which are emitted by both the sun and tanning beds. Modern science has devised a solution for this dilemma. A wide variety of airbrush tanning supplies are now available to facilitate that perfect tan without the UV rays.

A tanning airbrush accomplishes its mission by spraying a fine mist of a solution most often containing the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is a safe substance assuming it is not ingested or inhaled. Two main methods of application are prevalent today. The first of these are spray tanning booths in which the customer stands and receives an automatic spray. The second are hand held tanning airbrushes. These airbrushes allow for more precise application preventing spray from entering the mouth or nose.

In addition to DHA, many airbrushes use formulations of spray including vitamins and other natural ingredients such as extracts of coconut and cantaloupe. These holistic additions serve to therapeutically address the drying effects of everyday life upon the skin. As opposed to the traditional tanning bed which can serve to increase skin dryness, use of an airbrush can produce the opposite results leaving the customer with silky smooth skin.

One clear advantage of spray tanning is the absence of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Health professionals advise against overexposure to the sun or to artificially produced UV rays. In the Victorian Age this would not present much of a problem, however in today’s world lack of any skin tone or color is often viewed as a sign of sickliness and is not an attractive option for many. Spray tanning allows for the best of both worlds. You can have a deep tan without incurring any associated health risks.

Equipment for airbrush tanning is sold to many different classes of users. There are basic kits for the home user. These most often include the spraying implement, tanning solution, protective gear including nose plugs and goggles, and detailed instructions often with a DVD video guide. These basic kits do not produce the optimum results obtained at a salon using professional grade airbrushes. However, they are an alternative for those unable to get to a salon. These kits are often advertised for under 0.

Salons and other professional providers would want to consider higher end supplies. These include a more powerful spray gun capable of faster application. The strength of the active ingredient is also much stronger, approaching 15% DHA as compared to the 5% typically found in most home kits. These kits should only be used by trained professionals and can cost up to 00.

Once you have researched your options and selected your kit the next step is to purchase it. Wholesale tanning supply stores are present in most major cities for those who like to touch and feel the product prior to purchase. For those not within range of a wholesaler, or for those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, there are many web sites providing comprehensive inventories of all ranges of airbrush related supplies.

No longer are you compelled to experience UV rays to achieve that year round tan. The advent of a wide array of airbrush tanning supplies allows everyone to appear fresh off the beach no matter where they live. Many stores exist with wide selections, and even more web sites are online offering anything required by even the most exacting professional.

Airbrush tanning supplies has become the new way to getting a glowing healthy tan. For more information, visit where you’ll find an abundance of information, including all you need to know about tanning lotions.

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