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Spray Tanning ? Spray Tanning Benefits and Preparation

19 May

Spray Tanning ? Spray Tanning Benefits and Preparation

Current fashion fever of tanning is in high demand. In United States and many other countries, tanning is becoming a great industries. But people should understand if get tan on a tanning bed or a sun tan have some negative effects to our skin. The UV effects of Sun Tan or tanning beds can cause a skin cancer. But now with spray tanning we can avoid all of those risks and still can get bronze look.

Spray Tanning Benefits
Spray tanning have many benefits and these are several benefits of spray tanning.

UV Free Tanning
Spray Tanning is a UV free way to get a tan. Spray on tanning is designed to give you a rich bronze look without the use of lamps or exposure to harmful UV rays which can damage skin and cause skin cancer.

Get Tan Everytime and Everywhere
Climate is not the problems anymore. If you live with cold climates when the sun does not break through the clouds very much at all, you still can get a bronze look tan whenever and wherever you want by simply get a spray tanning.

Easy to Use
Spray tanning is easy. You don’t need to go to a Spray Tanning Salons to get a spray tanning. You can apply it by yourself, it’s so simple.

Spray Tanning Preparation
Preparation before spray tanning is very important. It can effects to your tan results. These are some important tips to prepare your spray tanning.

Exfoliation, will make the layer very shallow and your tan will last longer. Choose exfoliators which is made for tanning industry, as they will not contain any oils or moisturizers.

Avoid deodorant & moisturizer before.
Many deodorants will stop spray tanning solution going through. Some others will turn the armpits green.

Wear loose clothing.
Remember if the tanning process need several hours until it dry. It is best to wear clothes and shoes as loose as possible, to make sure nothing rubs off.

Wax before spray tan.
If you want to wax then do it before you get spray tanning. Wax after getting a spray tan can take off some of your tan with the hair.

Now you know what to do before spray tanning. If you followed the instruction you will get bronze tan look that you want to. Don’t forget to ask and consults to doctors or other expert before get a spray tanning. Have a great tanning.

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